Sound recording for “The Violinist”

Sergio asked me to help out with the sound recording to his project on Wednesday 11.3. My job was to record a reference track of the song played on the violin, so that it would be easier to sync it to the official one recorded in the studio.

I met up with Sergio and Aaron at Sergio’s place on Wednesday morning to check the sound kit. They had booked a Tascam HD-P2 and a boom microphone for me, which is basically all I needed for the shoot. I did some changes to the settings in the recorder and made sure it recorded in mono summed since I didn’t have a stereo cable.

Our first location was Murrayfield Stadium. It started off alright but then the weather took a turn for the worse and our poor actress was freezing whilst trying to play her violin. In the end we pretty much got the shots we wanted at Murrayfield and headed back into town to discuss how to proceed with the day.

In the original call sheet we were supposed to continue the shoot at Calton Hill and then finish off at Arthurs Seat. The weather became better towards the afternoon, but we still decided to skip Calton Hill. We did a couple of shots on Princes Street and then headed off to climb up Arthurs Seat to film the sunset.

I got some recording done, but in all fairness the actress was so cold most of the time that she wasn’t able to play the correct tunes. During some shots she didn’t even play the song that’s going to be in the video, so they will just have to fake it in the post. In the end it was a challenging but fun day.

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