Sound recording for “Bill”

As one of my technical crew roles I worked as a sound assistant for Miranda in the project “Bill”. I spent 2 days at the location out of a 3 day shoot.

The audio set up was fairly simple because the film only has 2 characters. We had the Tascam and the option to choose between 2 radiomics or the boom microphone.

During the first day we did all the interior shots in a small flat. Our original plan was to use the boom for better acoustics and since the space was small enough to catch both characters in. But due to the lighting and the boom casting a lot of shadows we decided to go for the radiomics instead. This was because the camera would follow the actors in a very documentary type of style, so it would be very hard to boom without the shadow of the mic turning up in the frame at any point. At first it was a bit challenging with clothes rustling etc. due to the characters moving about quite a lot, but after some tests and changes of mic placements it started working really well. When the shoot was finished we also recorded some SFX on set.

The exterior shots were done during the following day. We continued with the radiomics since many of the shots were quite wide. The radiomics worked really well at the first location; they sounded even better than during the first day. At the second location we had some problems with the signal, but I’m confident that we got all we needed, especially dialogue wise. After the shoot Miranda recorded some ambiences whilst I packed the kit together.

All in all it was a very nice shoot that ran smoothly. The whole team knew what they were doing, the actors were professional and we were able to finish early during both of the days.

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