Beyond the Cul-de-sac sound post

The edit for Beyond the Cul-de-sac was locked on Friday 17.4. and I started the sound edit straight after that. Over the weekend (and Monday since it was a bank holiday) I worked at home with my ProTools and moved over to the edit suites at Screen Academy on Wednesday 22.4.
The quality of the sound recorded on set was good and I didn’t have to do much to clean up the dialogue. But still, a lot of work had to be done to make the soundscape of the film come to life. After cleaning up the dialogue I focused on the ambiences and recorded some sound effects plus added music to the party scene.
The most challenging scene sound wise was at the climax, where they arrive to Mr. Johnston’s house and the dogs escape. I had to add a lot of effects such as the car alarm, dog barks etc. to build up the action. In the end I think the scene works really well.
The song used for the party scene is called Meaning of Tonight by Chain Reactors. Originally we were supposed to use a version with vocals, but Lewis preferred an instrumental version of the same song so we ended up using it.
I’m quite happy with how the sound design turned out in the end.

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