The sound kit for Beyond the Cul-de-sac

When picking up the equipment prior to the shoot of Beyond the Cul-de-sac I was disappointed to realise that I didn’t get the SD 744T recorder I had originally booked, because it was used by MA students. Instead I got the Tascam HD-P2 stereo recorder, which is fine but only has 2 input channels. Beyond the Cul-de-sac has scenes with dialogue between 3-4 people, so a 4 channeled recorder would have been ideal. But I had to work with what I got and decided to go with the following set up:

I connected the SD 302 mixer to the Tascam and and since the mixer has 3 channels I linked channel 1 to the left input of the recorder and channel 2 & 3 to the right input. This way I could use all the 3 channels simultaneously, however, I was only able to mix 2 of them separately. So I decided to keep the boom microphone separate in channel 1 and to mix 2 radiomics together in channel 2 & 3. I would record in stereo mode because I would then be able to split the stereo track into 2 mono tracks in Pro Tools. The radio mics would still stay in the same track, but at least the boom microphone would be separate at all times. This was important because the sound of the boom differs so much from the lapel mics.
At this point I also realised that both the Tascam and the mixer work with AA batteries (why??) instead of for example rechargeable lithium batteries. So, including the 3 radiomics, one set up would mean 23 AA batteries in total. This is a ridiculous amount considering that we had to pay for them ourselves.
But all in all this set up worked very well, even if it is a bit risky not to be able to mix the radiomics separately because either one of them may cause rustling sounds from clothes on top of the other ones dialogue etc.

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