Exciting times

It’s been forever since I wrote in this blog, almost a year actually! The main reason being that this blog was created as a part of my assignments whilst conducting my exchange at Edinburgh Napier University in 2014-15. So after returning to Finland I didn’t really feel the need to continue. But, lots of things have happened and exciting stuff is coming up!

I’ve soon spent a year back in Finland where I have been finishing my studies at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. Only one more module to go and then I’m ready to start my thesis and completing the last work experiences and placements. Alongside my studies I have also taken part in my first professional feature film shoot as the 1st boom operator.

I have also started my own freelancing company under the name SonicOak (that name has kinda turned into my brand now haha, using it everywhere). With the help of that I’ve been able to slowly buy some bits and bobs to a much needed sound kit. I’ve also got an awesome website up, designed by the brilliant Ally Robins. Go check it out by clicking here!

One of the most exciting things going on right now is my final project at uni, which is a part of my thesis. It’s my first ever audio play which is going to be published on it’s own website in May. I’ll make you a proper post about the process of working on that.

Even more exciting is that the year long wait of moving back to Edinburgh is slowly coming to an end. That’s why I decided to breathe some life to this blog; I’m hoping to continue writing more frequently about my everyday life and work once I move over in June. So stay tuned! Yay!

xx Oak



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