Bastard- film premiere


Last week, on October 28th I attended the premiere screening of the first ever feature film I’ve worked on. The film is called Äpärä (Bastard) and it’s currently showing nationwide in Finland at Finnkino cinemas. My role on the production was the boom operator and dialogue editor.

Bastard is an indie production directed by Samppa Batal. The shoot took place in September 2015 in Finland, and I had the honour to work with some incredibly talented people out of which I want to mention Lari Rissanen (sound designer and sound recordist), who taught me a lot about sound work on set, and Miikka Pakarinen (cinematographer) whose shots are just stunning (I’m amazed how he managed to do the focus pulling himself during the long hand-held, somewhat improvised shots!).

And when I say long shots I mean it; most of the scenes were shot in one go, resulting in 15 minute long takes. And when you have 5 characters talking around the dinner table, partly improvising for such a long time, it’s quite a challenge for the boom operator! Simultaneously trying to catch everyone’s lines and check where the camera is moving so you don’t end up in frame; so hard but oh so fun! Suffice to say I learned a lot during that production.

I’m incredibly happy that this indie production we all worked so hard for is now out in the cinemas in Finland. The reviews in different magazines have also been amazing, most of them giving the film 4 stars! A version with English subtitles is currently being worked on and hopefully we’ll catch some international interest with that too! On a personal level I have to say it’s a dream come true; ever since I was around 11 years old and decided I want to work with films, my dream has been to see my name at the end credits of a film.

Take a look at the trailer by clicking here and have a look at Bastard’s Facebook page here. And if you live in Finland, go watch it in cinemas! You can buy tickets here.

xx Oak


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